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The best Lieferando alternatives

Do you run a restaurant or takeaway?

Do you also take too much time with orders that come in via phone or WhatsApp? Don't you have enough employees to take every order and enter it manually into the checkout system? With foodcall you save a lot of time and money!

  1. Are there good Lieferando alternatives?

  2. What is food call?

  3. What advantages does foodcall offer?

  4. foodcall connects your sales channels

  5. MOKIT - ordering system for gastronomy

  6. order smart - all products from a single source

  7. CashDesk - food delivery in control

  8. ​Why is foodcall cheaper than Lieferando?

  9. Is foodcall a Lieferando alternative?


Are there good Lieferando alternatives?

Many restaurants use Lieferando to simplify processing. Unfortunately, the Lieferando fees are very high. In the end, you hardly get any financial benefit.


If you are looking for oneLieferando alternativeare, there are other providers that work similarly. Some also with high fees and some with innovative solutions like those offered by foodcall.


We will show you how to establish a fair and automated ordering process in your restaurant. What are the benefits? And is it worth switching to foodcall, for example? The most important questions are answered here.


What is food call?

With foodcall, your customers order food and drinks over the phone or WhatsApp. foodcall takes care of accepting the orders. These are automatically integrated into your cash register system and the kitchen order.

foodcall uses software to accept orders. This handles the process automatically. Both calls and WhatsApp orders are controlled by an intelligent computer program.

This allows restaurants to save high costs of manually processing orders every month:  

  1. No large service staff necessary even with many inquiries.

  2. No loss of time through manual processing & entry into the system.

Tired of expensive Lieferando fees?

Then let your customers order via foodcall!

Tired of expensive Lieferando fees?​​

Then leave your customers alonefoodcallorder!

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What advantages does foodcall offer?

With foodcall, your customers can conveniently order via phone and WhatsApp. All orders arrive automatically in your kitchen and cash register system. You have no manual effort and do not need a large service team. Especially at peak times, your staff is relieved and can concentrate on preparing the dishes and avoid long waiting times.

  • Accept orders automatically

  • Orders via phone and WhatsApp

  • Cost less

  • Higher sales

  • Cheaper than Lieferando

  • Reduction of waiting time


Since foodcall relies on a modern solution with an automated system, the costs are very low compared to the Lieferando fees.  At the same time, you can serve more customers through the automatic processing of orders. This increases your monthly sales.

foodcall connects your sales channels

Telephone, WhatsApp, Lieferando, webshop & POS system

With foodcall you can manage your orders from different channels and connect them to other service providers like Lieferando.


Thanks to WhatsApp Chatboot with an integrated payment option, you can communicate automatically with your customers. There is no need to reply to or view the messages in WhatsApp itself. The order is taken and forwarded to your restaurant. Your customers also have the option of paying directly via WhatsApp.

Your restaurant can present itself on another channel via its own website with web shop. Here, too, the orders are automatically forwarded to the kitchen and entered into the cash register system. An existing shop can be connected to foodcall just as easily.

With the foodcall telephone chatbot, your customers can also place orders by telephone. Questions are answered directly via the foodcall software and you do not need any extra staff. Now connect your delivery channels in one place and get an overview of all orders and costs.

Avoid future trouble?

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and get excited
no more about unfair reviews.

MOKIT - ordering system for gastronomy

The MOKIT ordering system offers a range of solutions for everyday gastronomy. The software can be used to manage take-aways, restaurant orders and delivery orders. There are three different software packages for this. It is possible to use the platform only in the restaurant or only for the delivery service. There is also a combination version that covers all areas.

The order app is based on WhatsApp. It is therefore not necessary for customers to download another app onto their smartphone in order to use the delivery service. The contact takes place via the classic WhatsApp chat.

The ordering system in the restaurant uses a QR code that takes customers directly to the food and drink menu. The order can then be placed there independently. This simplifies operation at all levels. 

Online payment is offered in both options.

All MOKIT ordering systems can be tested free of charge for 30 days. After that, a monthly fee of 30 euros is due for the individual packages – there are no additional commission costs for the sales. The combination package costs 149 euros per month.

MOKIT is based in Aachen and has been on the market since 2020.


order smart - all products from a single source

order smart offers a whole range of individually usable software solutions for the catering trade. In addition to a cash register system for on-site use, there are also offers for your own web shop and an app shop. In addition, customers can go directly to the direct order via the Google search results and order the delivery service. As a Lieferando alternative, order smart offers many additional services.

Customers can conveniently order via the app and all the usual advantages are combined in it. From the mobile menu to online payment and an internal customer area, there is a lot on offer. The order smart web shop runs on its own domain for the respective delivery service. The website is responsive and no separate app is required for ordering on a smartphone. 

In addition to the digital solutions, you can also order marketing packages with flyers and menus or discount cards here.

There are monthly costs for the systems. The combined package of web shop and app shop costs 199 euros net per month. The web shop alone can be booked for EUR 89 net per month. The app costs 149 euros net per month. In addition, however, there are no costs for the delivery service.

order smart is part of App Smart GmbH and the head office is in Wiesbaden.

Information on data processing can be found in our Data protection .

Switch now and
save costs immediately!

Then leave your customers alonefoodcallorder!

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Information on data processing can be found in our Data protection .

Information on data processing can be found in our Data protection .

CashDesk - food delivery in control

CashDesk is also a professional alternative to Lieferando. In addition to a POS system for working in the restaurant, the offer also includes ordering websites, mobile apps and VoIP telephony - here you can have queues or advertising messages integrated into the line, among other things.

The web shop can be used on all end devices and it is not necessary to download a separate app. The delivery app not only routes the orders directly to the restaurant, it also helps with tasks like planning the route for the delivery.


Orders from other types of ordering places, such as Lieferando, can also be processed via the app.

The costs are calculated based on the order volume. The company only lists calculation examples on the website that promise a better commission system than Lieferando.

CashDesk is an international company with its German headquarters in Düsseldorf.


Why is foodcall cheaper than Lieferando?

An important reason to choose an alternative to Lieferando is the high cost. The Lieferando fee is a problem, especially for small restaurants and for start-ups. Because the increasing sales through the Lieferando app are reduced by the fees. Overtime is not adequately rewarded.


You have the option of processing the orders via an automatic system. There are no high fees per delivery for you. In addition, it is possible to manage a large number of delivery routes via the system. Only use the channels that offer cheap prices and fair costs. Overall, you actively reduce the running costs compared to working with Lieferando.

Is foodcall a Lieferando alternative?

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Information on data processing can be found in our Data protection .

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Since the Lieferando prices for restaurants are very high, you can save a lot of money with cheap alternatives. It is important that you can still deliver your orders correctly. The processing via the checkout system must also function correctly. For this, foodcall offers modern solutions via automatic systems. foodcall is worthwhile both as an alternative and as a supplement to Lieferando. You can reduce costs and increase sales. At the same time, you offer your customers excellent service in many ways. 

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