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Intelligent voice chatbot for restaurants and delivery services 

Do you own a delivery service, a small restaurant or offer a pick-up service for your food?Then you often face a problem: In addition to their work, employees have to take care of taking orders by telephone and also overcome any language barriers.

We help you to ensure more efficiency and clarity in your company - with our voice chatbot for the catering industry. Conversational AI is a promising investment in order to never miss a call or lose customers due to long waiting times.

  1. Why do I need a voice chatbot?

  2. How does a chatbot solve my staffing problems?

  3. Can a call bot also be used for WhatsApp messages?

  4. Automatic order taking for restaurant owners

  5. A bot to solve language problems


Why do I need a voice chatbot?

Especially in smaller companies, all employees are usually all-rounders and have to take on a wide range of work - including taking orders over the phone. In the catering trade there are also peak times when a particularly large amount of food has to be produced and delivered and therefore no employee in food production or delivery can be dispensed with.

Order acceptance in a pizzeria, a snack bar or a system catering is often time-consuming, since employees are tied up on the phone for this. During a call, they cannot go about their actual work - such as baking pizza, preparing or serving food.

A voice chatbot helps you save on a separate employee for taking orders over the phone. You go through an installed call botno more lost callsandevery order is conscientiously registered. Don't miss out on any new or regular customers with an unaccepted order and offer your guests a service that allows your company to work particularly efficiently. 


How does a chat bot solve my staffing problems?

In smaller gastronomic establishments (in addition to permanent employees), students or assistants often take over the telephone order acceptance. Anyone who keeps them for many years can consider themselves lucky. However, the flat-rate workers often change due to the small number of hours they work and new staff have to be trained.

To ensure that your operations run smoothly, you must always ensure that enough employees take care of taking orders over the phone. Stop planning with your staff and leave everything to a chat bot. This accepts all orders, saves and transfers the required information to the cash register system. Day and night, at any time.

Personnel problems are a thing of the past! Invest in new technology that will give you a market advantage over the long term.

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Can a call bot also be used for WhatsApp messages?

AI makes it possible for a call bot to be used for WhatsApp messages in addition to taking orders by phone. Use a call bot to take orders using:

1.    Phone
2.    WhatsApp

All orders are accepted by the connected cash register system and can be clearly viewed by your employees (e.g. via a monitor in the kitchen). 


Automatic order taking for restaurant owners

Digitization does not stop at gastronomy and can be used in a variety of ways. With a voice chatbot you adapt to the times and can use intelligent technology for you and your company. The handling is extremely simple.

After installation and a short introduction, the telephone bot can be used immediately and will show you in a very short time what is possible with AI: the automation of all incoming orders, from answering the call to forwarding it to the kitchen and the POS system for billing.  

A bot for solving language problems

In order for you to be able to organize your operations in a gastronomic establishment without any disruptions, a clear and distinct order acceptance must be guaranteed to avoid additional work. Language problems or problems with understanding are often the case when your catering establishment is contacted by customers who speak different languages.

Up to 20 percent of all telephone orders are lost due to long waiting times or language problems. This is hard cash, which smaller restaurants in particular are noticeably lacking in their tills at the end of the month. With a bot, on the other hand, you can answer all calls quickly - without waiting times and despite language barriers. The intelligent chat system transmits both German and English language calls to your POS system.

If a customer orders in your restaurant by phone, the chat bot repeats each order and checks that it is complete. By repeating and asking for further requests, the transmitted order is transferred clearly and unmistakably to the checkout system. 

Avoid future trouble?

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and automate

the ordering process.

Shopping, preparing, cooking, serving, taking orders 

Whether pizzeria, kebab shop, fast food or Greek delivery service - the daily routine for every gastronomic facility is roughly as follows: 

•    purchase
•    Preparation of goods
•    food preparation
• Packing for delivery or collection
•    Servieren 



It is always necessary to take an order by telephone if food is either to be delivered or if the customer is picking it up himself. This order acceptance ties up time and personnel and is nevertheless an essential part of successful business activity. 

With a telephone bot you get more freedom again, because you no longer need time for taking orders by phone and, above all, you don't need expensive staff. The voice bot for the catering industry confirms all orders by phone or WhatsApp and provides pick-up or delivery times.

By forwarding all incoming orders to the checkout system or to a screen in the kitchen, your employees are always up to date and can take care of the preparation of the food and preparation for delivery or collection without distraction._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_

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