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Setting up a delivery service - what needs to be considered?

Do you run a restaurant or a snack bar and would like to set up a delivery service? Perhaps you are just starting out and are planning to open a pizzeria. In both cases there are a few things to consider.

  1. Create business plan

  2. Determine the offer for the delivery service

  3. Delivery service permits

  4. Hygiene regulations delivery service

  5. Cooperation with delivery service platforms

  6. Promote the company

  7. Conclusion - the hurdles are low


Create business plan

It is helpful to create a business plan. In this you write down how you want to set up the delivery service:

•    What should be offered?
•    How much money is needed?
•    How much turnover is necessary?
•    Where do you want to deliver?

With such a business plan, you can have a good structure for yourself to get started. Also, having a business plan makes it easier to get financial help from a bank. Private investors also prefer to have a business plan.


Determine the offer for the delivery service

There are many delivery services. A very similar range is often offered. In order to stand out from the competition, the range of goods is often decisive. Put together an offer that will resonate with customers. This means it should contain goods that are known to customers. Expand this offer with your specialities, which are only available from you. This mix sets you apart from other delivery services.

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Delivery service permits

In Germany there are many laws for traders. If you open a delivery service, it is always necessary to have a trade license. However, the delivery service requirements do not necessarily include a concession. This must be applied for, for example, if you serve guests on site. If only pizza or pasta is delivered and brought directly to the customer, no license is required.

The trade license is issued by the local trade office and usually costs less than 50 euros. However, it is also possible that the regional Chamber of Industry and Commerce issues the trade license for the delivery service.

Info:Anyone who can be employed as a hired chef also does not need a license to sell their goods.

Hygiene regulations delivery service

There are delivery service laws for the area of hygiene. These fall under food and hygiene law and food monitoring. There are a number of things to consider:

  • regulations for the rooms

  • Hygiene and Food Standards Control Systems (HCCP)

  • Personnel training on the subject (§4 LMHV training)

If the regulations are not observed, fines will be imposed. In an emergency, it may be closed.

Cooperation with delivery service platforms

When opening a new pizzeria or other delivery service, new customers have to be recruited. Walk-in customers alone are rarely enough to cover the costs. There is a wide range of delivery service platforms such as Lieferando. You can use it to advertise your delivery service.


The order is then processed by the service provider. For example, he accepts an order via the app and this is automatically forwarded to the delivery service. In some cases, the delivery is then also taken over by employees of the platform.

But the cost of such providers is very high. Well-known service providers such as Lieferando in particular charge high fees. For the delivery service, this means that you sell a lot, but earn little from it.

Offers like foodcall are more interesting. These offer a service to accept orders. The delivery service does not have to do this itself. This saves a lot of time and work without driving up costs. It is also possible to use several service providers at the same time.

It can be worth using a large platform to get started. You can quickly make yourself known in the region. In the long run, however, individual solutions are better and cheaper.

Getting started successfully?

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and offer to your customers

a convenient way

to order food.

Promote the company

Whether you want to open a pizza delivery service or want to deliver sushi, you cannot establish yourself without advertising. There are many ways to advertise in the area:

•    Flyer
•    menu cards
•    Ads in the newspaper

An important market is the Internet. If possible, you should be easy to find there. In addition to a website, the delivery platforms already mentioned are helpful here. Include in the budget for launching the delivery service building a website and advertising. Online advertising is displayed specifically to people in your delivery circle. 

Conclusion - the hurdles are low

It is not difficult to start a delivery service. The most important basis is sufficient seed capital. You can find out how much you need with a business plan. Then rely on suitable partners for cooperation, such as foodcall. This way you can become known in the region. Finally, a good website is important to attract new customers.


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