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Have Lieferando review deleted

Would you like to have a rating deleted on Lieferando?

We will explain to you how best to proceed and what can actually be deleted.

We'll also show you alternatives so you can save yourself trouble in the future.

  1. Who is allowed to rate you on Lieferando?

  2. When can you delete Lieferando ratings?

  3. Code of Conduct Lieferando

  4. Lieferando delete review - examples

  5. Instructions: Delete rating at Lieferando

  6. Delete a rating on Lieferando as a customer

  7. When is it worth having reviews on Lieferando deleted?

  8. Tips for good ratings and alternatives


Who is allowed to rate you on Lieferando?

After placing the order, customers have the opportunity to submit a review of the order. In addition to the proven star system, comments can also be left. For many, the rating system is an important decision-making aid before ordering.

Poorly rated restaurants and delivery services receive fewer orders via Lieferando. So what can you do if you get a bad review? Can I delete or change the Lieferando rating?

The good news is - under certain conditions, it is possible to delete the Lieferando rating. The bad news is that this is rarely the case. In addition, it takes a lot of effort.

Info: Customers who have submitted a rating can also delete or edit it.

Lieferando Bewertungen löschen lassen

When can you delete Lieferando ratings?

Lieferando has clear guidelines and rules for when a review may be deleted.

There are two reasons recognized by the company:

  1. The review violates Lieferando's code of conduct.

  2. The review violates applicable law.

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Code of Conduct Lieferando

Lieferando has its own code of conduct. It states how the customers should behave in the reviews. It describes in detail which ratings are not allowed. There are also rules which content Lieferando does not tolerate:​

  • insults

  • verbal abuse

  • Unlawful Content

  • threats

  • slanders

  • sexist content

  • Racist content

  • extremist content


The Lieferando rating must therefore correspond to the truth. In addition, the review must not contain any advertising. Inappropriate links will also not be accepted. A review may only be given by customers who have received a delivery. The review must also refer to the delivery service and the food delivered.

Review violates applicable law

​lieferando as a company is obliged to remove ratings if they violate applicable law:

  • Violation of personal rights

  • insults

  • dissemination of hate speech

  • spreading lies

  • abusive criticism

If, for example, the owner of a delivery service is attacked because of the color of his skin or his religion, this violates applicable law.

Below are a few examples of what reviews are allowed or prohibited. It also explains why the review can or cannot be deleted.

Lieferando delete review - examples


It is clear to see that each rating at Lieferando must be considered individually. There are many ways to violate the guidelines. Before a Lieferando rating is to be deleted, it is important to take a close look at it. Because it is not possible to delete the rating just because it is bad.

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How to remove reviews on Lieferando


There is no way to delete or edit the reviews yourself.

This is how Lieferando prevents delivery services from simply removing the bad ratings. The rating system should honestly show what customers think of the restaurant.

Should a Lieferando rating be deleted that does not meet the specifications

corresponds, delivery services can call the customer hotline for this.

The number is 030 609 88 548to reach.
There is also a contact form for the delivery services.
On the phone or in the form, this information must be provided:

  • Which order should be deleted?

  • Order number?

  • Why should the order be deleted?

It is important to describe exactly why the order should be deleted.

Above all, insults or threats must be removed as quickly as possible.

Lieferando's customer service takes care of the request. There it is evaluated

if there is a problem. If the rating is incorrect, Lieferando will delete it.

Attention: In some cases Lieferando speaks out against the deletion.

It is possible to take legal action against this with lawyers. This can be very expensive.

Delete a review as a customer

It may be that customers also leave a review

want to delete or edit Lieferando. There is none for them either

direct way to edit the rating. Via the contact form

processing is requested on the website or via the customer number.

There can be various reasons for this:

  • Accidentally gave a wrong rating.

  • Changed your mind.

  • Specify a name change.


Why good ratings are important at Lieferando

Lieferando's rating system is an important part of the platform.

Customers use the ratings to rate new restaurants.

This is especially important if they are the restaurant or den

Delivery service have never personally visited.

The review provides a lot of information:​

  • How fast is the delivery?

  • How good does the food taste?

  • How friendly are the employees?


The more stars a delivery service has on average

customers, the better the chance

get new orders. restaurants with badReviews don't just get fewer orders.

It's also likely that they'll have more bad ones

received ratings. Because the generally negative

Evaluation of others influences the new customers subconsciously.

This means - if you have a badAverage for the rating then it isdifficult to improve this. Also then,when you improve your performance.

When is it worth having reviews on Lieferando deleted?

Is it a good idea to have every bad review on Lieferando deleted? No! Most reviews cannot be deleted. A bad rating does not violate Lieferando's specifications. The requests for deletion are often rejected by Lieferando.

A few bad reviews don't hurt. It is not possible to always deliver top performance. There are also customers who simply have different tastes. Having a few bad reviews makes the review appear genuine. If all of the 5,000 ratings are given 5 stars, customers will ask themselves whether this is true. It is quickly suspected that these are fake entries.

Tips for good ratings and alternatives

Consumers are quicker to give a bad rating than a good one.
If the food and the service are good, this does not mean that a rating will also be given. If the customers are angry, there is a higher chance that they will leave a bad review.

It is therefore important to actively ask for a review when ordering and delivering:

  • Upon delivery, ask to write a review.

  • Ask for a review via WhatsApp/Email/SMS.

  • Include a card with the meal asking for a review.


Tip:A few kind words on delivery or over the phone can make a big difference. If the customers feel well served, the food tastes twice as good.

Information on data processing can be found in our Data protection .

Another step should also consist of independence from Lieferando. Not only the expensive fees of the platform, but also the susceptibility to ratings can be avoided.


Alternatives on the market such as foodcall can connect orders via phone or WhatsApp to the web shop and POS system. Orders from Lieferando can also be integrated and processed centrally.

The automation reduces costs and effort and binds customers independently of Lieferando. Orders via WhatsApp are just as easy for customers and increase sales simply through lower fees.

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Information on data processing can be found in our Data protection .

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